How to Structure an Employee Onboarding Program with XR

Structuring the program efficiently is of utmost importance to make the virtual reality employee training and onboarding program effective. The modules have to be designed to prove the capacity of the XR Technology to enhance engagement, retention and recall for all your new joinees

Structuring a virtual reality-based employee training and onboarding program is essential to make an effective impact. The module's design should be capable enough to prove the potential of the XR Technology and eventually enhance engagement, retention, and recall of all your new joinees.

The unique power of immersive environments is this feeling of presence, being on-premise with another person or another place. Seeing things in context immediately makes us understand more. Seeing is believing, and VR makes you live the experience, drastically reducing cognitive loads.

Few Modules to consider when structuring an Employee Onboarding Program

A Welcome Area

A virtual welcome area can be created where the HR Head or someone from the top-level management can welcome the new joinees and congratulate them.


A 360° Virtual Tour of the office space can be offered through XR experience with or without a Trainer-led. This will show the users the beautiful office space without the HR having to take the new joinees for a physical tour.

About the Company

To make the experience engaging and informative, we can create a story around the company's rich history, timestamps, client list, business verticals, vision, mission, etc. This can be done along with some interactive elements like videos, voice notes, management speeches, images, quizzes, short games, etc.

Regulations & Policies

For better understanding of the nature of business and the strict policies that need to be adhered to, GMetri can help create XR modules that would impart all the information and knowledge to the new joinees regarding the company's ‘Regulation and Policies.’ This will be more engaging for users as they can be gamified. This would automatically deliver increased retention rates than other modes like PPTs or videos.

Compliance Training

Compliance Training is crucial for any organization, and it usually goes neglected by the employees. The best way to get employees to go through the compliance training is to make the modules gamified and interactive. Learning with a quiz and questionnaire integrated with several reward mechanisms and a leaderboard can keep the trainees intrigued. This approach makes the employees spend quality time understanding the modules and retaining them.

Interactive XR Games

In all the above modules or experiences, we can introduce short, interactive games directly related to the context. These games can be customized to assess as well, which would indicate the user's level of understanding. Say, for example, a simple Treasure Hunt Game with five coins to be found on the official tour. If you find all 5, you will earn a Badge.

Here is how GMetriXR is adding value:

We understand the importance of structuring an employee onboarding program with XR. Here’s how XR by GMetri will address the traditional issues.

With the GMetriXR, we can effectively improve retention rates by upto 80%. Engagement with users can give competitive returns of up to eight times more.

We are capable of not only reducing the onboarding time standardization but provide content across batches and geographies. The trainee can be assessed and subsequently provide different analytics for understanding the trainee's progress.

We achieve economies of scale and implement the ‘Carrot vs. Stick approach,’ which can constructively drive trainees to indulge in training programs.

With the introduction of gamification in employee onboarding and structuring, the program efficiently clearly brings a wide array of benefits. Start the journey today by requesting a callback here.

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