Can XR redefine online shopping? Translating the traditional to the modern with Fabindia.

This demo Virtual Reality XR eCommerce store for Fabindia created with the help of XR Platform by Virtual Reality Company - GMetri, translates traditional e-commerce to a new-age interface- 360 online shopping., enhancing user engagement with a brand has a direct relation to an increase in sales.

In their own words, Fabindia is India's largest private platform for products that are made from traditional techniques, skills and hand-based processes. It is a brand focused on translating the traditional to the modern.

This demo Virtual Reality XR eCommerce store for Fabindia translates traditional e-commerce to a new-age interface - 360 shopping. Built on the GMetri platform, and a lot like our experiments with 360 experiences for Zara, these stores rest on a simple premise - enhancing user engagement with a brand has a direct relation to an increase in sales. With the help for VR for Shopping, you can achieve this goal.

Virtual Reality (VR) for Retail Online Shopping eCommerce Websites
XR shopping experience for Fabindia by GMetri

Enhancing User Experience with XR:

XR enables product discovery for e-commerce. In physical stores, people shop differently. You go in to buy bread, you end up buying chips as well. You walk into an apparel store looking for a t-shirt, you end up buying socks - things you had no original intention of purchasing.

A GMetri's client's e-commerce site has an average user scroll of 2.5 - 3 screens for core products, and 1.5 screens on average. If we assume the average mobile phone allows you to see 4-5 products per screen, the average user scrolls through a maximum of 12 products, as opposed to the 100+ we enable. GMetri's XR experiences fit a maximum of 140 products per screen.

Malls make you walk more - so you see more. Age-old concepts of physical retail - see more, buy more - translate over to online retail with GMetri's XR platform.

Most people have a typical cycle with shopping in e-commerce - search is the primary mode of discovery, that does away with the process of discovering categories - something that is an essential part of traditional brick-and-mortar retail. XR sustainably breaks beyond the search<> add shopping cycle.

This Fabindia experience replicates the feeling of presence, adding contextualization, and creating stories with their Malhar collection.

You can experience this VR based eCommerce store here:

Or simply click here to open in a new window.

GMetri is ready to implement today, and you can have your XR stores up and running in a week. GMetri has delivered live, game-changing implementations with companies like BigBasket, Legrand, Reliance among several others.

GMetri delivers value today, while getting you on-board with tomorrow's technology.

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