Improving Employee Efficiency with XR (Virtual & Augmented Reality) Training for the Logistics / Shipping Industry

The Logistics & Shipping industry is one of the largest employers globally, offering roles across the skill spectrum. Learn how GMetri’s XR solutions make employees remember 80%+ of what is taught while reducing the training time by 75%. Delivering, game-changing implementations for Accenture, Bosch

The Logistics and Shipping industry is one of the largest employers globally, offering roles across the skill spectrum.

However, just like other industries of this scale, it also suffers with a core problem - high workforce attrition rates - resulting in training processes that are overloaded with thousands of new employees joining organizations daily.

A GMetri client has 600+ people joining them every single day. As shipping and logistics loads fluctuate around the year, and a large part of this is fulfilled by a transient contracted workforce that is infused temporarily into the system. Most companies need to train employees for at least a month before they are shop-floor or operations ready. If a trainee is pushed to the shop floor earlier, there is a direct detrimental impact on errors per 100 orders.

In order to solve this issue, GMetri, an XR startup offered our platform to help create immersive learning and interactive content sent to employees on their own phones.

Virtual Reality (VR) for Employee Training in Logistics & Shipping Industry

GMetri’s XR powered experiences make employees remember 80%+ of what is taught while reducing the time spent in training by 75%.  All this is measurable for managers through a real-time data dashboard.

We work with several large logistics players across the globe and the effectiveness of the training methodology is higher than any other medium, including videos, making it the future of training and development within the shipping and logistics industry.

Fundamentally, XR, or eXtended Reality is a blanket term that encompasses modern day Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences. The higher retention is owing to the fact that the medium entails feedback/interactions from the viewer, making it the next best thing to in-person training. One that can be revisited with ease and performance tracked. The GMetri platform is a complete toolkit to create, publish and track these experiences end-to-end. And it is simple enough that anybody from the organisations own in-house teams can do it.

At GMetri, we say that if you can make slides, you already have the requisite skill set, GMetri is built only to make the world of spatial computing accessible for you.

GMetri offers a complete toolkit to -

Create : A simple drag-and-drop editor for building immersive training.

Publish : Run these experience on Tablets, Mobiles, Laptops, Desktops, or wherever required, ALL XR headsets (Oculus, HTC)

Track : Advanced XR analytics ensure a value-driven approach that helps align business KPIs with training.

The value simply is:

Time : XR modules can be up and running in hours, not even days - this process can be internalized, or you can use 100+ registered content creators and course designers

Cost : XR saves money by reducing training infrastructure and personnel. In addition, the time to operation readiness is a huge cost saving in itself. Over a period of time, GMetri can deliver unprecedented cost savings - and we can even monetize your training modules, as we are doing with some of our clients!

Effectiveness : A data-driven approach with live dashboards ensures modules deliver what is promised.

GMetri is ready to implement today, and you can have your modules up and running in a week. GMetri has delivered live, game-changing implementations with companies like Accenture, Bosch, Reliance among several others.

GMetri delivers value today, while getting you on-board with tomorrow's technology.

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