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Onboarding and Training Modules for New Hires: A Case Study with a Pharma Giant

Employee Onboarding

One leading global healthcare company recently turned to GMetri to create onboarding and training...
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Building a custom collaborative Metaverse on GMetri in 15 minutes.


A warm wizard welcome! Have you, like many others, been wondering what all this metaverse business is all about? 📘 The metaverse (or the...
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Extended Reality in Fashion Industry: Opportunities and Scope of the Metaverse in Fashion


The world of fashion is all about creating new worlds and extending new collections and now Extended Reality (XR) is making ways to bring...
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Immersive Cloud with XR – The Next Best Thing to Being There

Immersive Cloud and XR

XR, or extended reality, which includes virtual, augmented and mixed reality, has recently burst...
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XR for empathy | Disability Awareness – Walking in someone else’s shoes


GMetri is used by a number of leading organisations for creating XR content designed to leverage the power of virtual reality to elicit...
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GMetri XR Design Challenge – Design for Immersive Media


XR (or eXtended Reality) is the blanket term for Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. With data breaking into our 3D world, where it truly...
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Can XR redefine online shopping? Translating the traditional to the modern with Fabindia.


This demo Virtual Reality XR eCommerce store for Fabindia created with the help of XR Platform by...
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Improving Employee Efficiency with XR (Virtual & Augmented Reality) Training for the Logistics / Shipping Industry

Employee Training

The Logistics & Shipping industry is one of the largest employers globally, offering roles across the skill spectrum. Learn how...
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