XR in Airport Staff Training and Development

In any organization, qualified employees are one of the most important assets to increase productivity and improve the quality of services. For instance, in the airline industry, the top priority is to offer suitable training at all organizational levels for smooth functioning. It is not limited to middle and top management executives only. Some of the skills required to be a part of airport staff are flexibility, problem-solving skills, teamwork, interpersonal skills, communication, and responsibility. With outstanding metrics, let’s understand how XR is revolutionizing airport staff training and development.

Problems faced in Traditional methods of Airport Staff Training and Development

Some of the airline industry's problems are with the Learning & Development departments. Conventional enterprise training is expensive, non-engaging, and often dull. The cost of setting up classrooms and hiring trainers, and then getting trainers and trainees together is nothing less than a nightmare.

There is a lack of knowledge retention when learning via conventional methods like the classroom or video-based learning. Subsequently, it becomes difficult to quantify the effectiveness of the training.

Due to the attrition rate scaling up, lack of reinforcement, and standardization of training modules, organizations now have to address their training method.

VR for Airport Staff Training

How GMetri Training helps solve Learning challenges

GMetri training helps solve challenges in airport staff training and development. It eliminates the need to move trainers for training multiple channels across different cities. Since the overall hardware investment is cut down drastically, the requirement for physical classes will be less. This will save the overall infrastructure cost.

The employees' progress can be measured through assessment and scoring. The standardization of modules by GMetri provides an equal opportunity for all the trainees to learn in the best possible way. The analytics help an organization understand the employee's growth and the training retention.

By customized and suitable modules, teaching the SOPs to the trainees is possible with engagement throughout. Also, we believe that making mistakes is the best way to learn. The learner gets a real-time experience of doing the work assigned and has the option of making mistakes for learning the right (perfect) way of doing the work.

The modules can be deployed across the spectrum, including smartphones, tablets, VR headsets, laptops/PC, CRM, LMS, applications, or a web browser.

XR based Solutions for efficient Airport Staff Training

Having a designation at airports or in the airline industry comes with mandatory knowledge of technical skills. These roles require technical learning in a safe environment so that they are well-versed with all the technicalities of the job and make minimum errors while on the job.

At GMetri, we create training modules based on the actual processes and techniques by capturing the SOPs in real-time. These modules are enhanced with interactivity, gamification, and assessments. Our value proposition is to create a surreal environment for learners, which gives them a detailed, first-hand experience of the training on different processes while sitting in a safe remote location.

The training process offered by GMetri is typically divided into three parts - Learn, Practice, and Apply.

The first step is to learn the process by watching a video and familiarizing yourself with critical items. Practice by following the guided walk-through and practice the intervention yourself. And lastly, apply the knowledge by performing the intervention based on what you have learned and practiced.

VR for Airport Staff Training

Soft Skill Training (Consumer Facing)

Customer interaction is a significant job responsibility for airport ground duty employees. Learning how to greet people, speak to them professionally and guide them to the desired location by solving their queries is a critical job requirement.

Customer interaction training is typically divided into two parts, learn and test. The employees must go through the learn module offered by GMetri first and understand the techniques and skills. Then they are required to go ahead with the test module that evaluates the understanding of the user. This module asks questions to the user as per the customer queries and conversations. The user has to give the correct answer to proceed further. There are negative and positive points for each question.

The scenario-based learning approach implemented by XR makes the employees well-versed with real-life situations that they might encounter during the course. The users earn points for completing each scenario. They can go back to any scenario if they want to relearn it.

The trainees can learn from a third person's perspective by watching an employee catering to a customer who visits the counter. This shows the learner an ideal way to interact with a customer.

VR for Airport Staff Training

Impact of the Gamified Training Process by GMetri

With the modules designed by GMetri in airport staff training and development, knowledge retention is increased by more than 90% of the margin.

The scalability aids the training of more than 1 million employees across the globe. It cuts training costs by up to 50% simultaneously, and besides price, it also saves 60% training time.

Introducing gamification in airport staff training brings a wide array of benefits. Start the journey today with GMetriXR metaverse company; you can request a callback here.

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